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Reid Voss For Mason District Supervisor

Reid Voss family

From Mason, For Mason

Thank you for taking a moment to learn about my plans for making Mason an even better place to live and work. If you have a question or want to engage with me directly about an issue, please click here to drop me a line. I look forward to hearing from you!

I have deep roots in our community. I grew up here, learning about dedication and resilience working side-by-side with my dad in his local contracting business. Now, I am a local small business owner, who deeply understands what it means to work hard, lead with integrity and treat people with respect. My wife, Meredith, and I live three miles from where I grew up in Mason District. Our two boys, Luke and Chase, both attend Sleepy Hollow Elementary School. I’ve been active in our local civic associations and HOA’s and I coached at Justice High because I believe in giving back to our community.
When Supervisor Penny Gross decided to retire, I wanted to deepen my commitment to Mason by running for Supervisor. As wonderful as our community is today, I see opportunities to make it even better for the future: I plan to work to significantly improve our workforce and professional housing options, modernize our approach to traffic congestion, meaningfully address our school overcrowding issues, broaden and improve access to mental health resources for both students and adults, protect our environment and provide truly excellent constituent services.

Mason District has raised me, and I owe so much of who I am to this community. It would be my honor to serve and represent you as Mason Supervisor and I hope you’ll consider supporting my candidacy.

We can build a better future together

  • Improve our workforce and professional housing options.
  • Modernize our approach to traffic congestion.
  • Meaningfully address our school overcrowding issues.
  • Broaden and improve access to mental health resources for both students and adults.
  • Protect our environment and provide truly excellent constituent services.

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Campaign Principles

With deep roots in Mason, I understand the importance of hard work, integrity, and respect. I am running for Mason District Supervisor to improve workforce and housing options, modernize our approach to traffic congestion, address school overcrowding, and provide excellent constituent services. I look forward to serving and representing you in this role.

Proactive School Planning
Proactive School Planning

I have a plan to alleviate the overcrowding problem in our schools, which includes opening both another middle school and a technical school in Mason to provide support for our teachers and top-tier opportunities for our children.

Workforce Housing
Workforce Housing

Our teachers and first responders deserve the opportunity to live where they work. I am committed to expanding affordable housing opportunities for them right here in Mason, which, in turn, will help ensure we can recruit and retain the best of the best for our community.

Traffic Safety Improvements
Traffic Safety Improvements

We need safe areas to walk and bike along with lighted crosswalks. Evolving traffic patterns combined with a lack of traffic improvements have created dangerous conditions for our pedestrians. It’s well past time to change that.

Smart Commercial Growth
Smart Commercial Growth

I believe in creating win-win solutions that attract sustainable amenities to our community while expanding opportunities for green space. I will bring all interests to the table as I work to make Mason an even more vibrant, safe and accessible place to live and work.

Mental Health Access
Mental Health Access

We are facing a mental health crisis and swift, effective action is imperative. I am deeply committed to expanding mental health resources and developing better detection, emergency response and treatment options for our schools and throughout our community.

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